Thank You For Serving!


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Let me shift from the life insurance business to a couple of my other passions; my country and songwriting. This page is to pay tribute and say thank you for serving to our military, law enforcement and fire departments.

I do not take my freedom or peace of mind in this country for granted. Neither should you. I have written a song that asks a very important question; “Are you proud of what you’ve done with what they died for?” Thank You For Serving! – Greg Gilbert

If you are a;

• Veteran

• Active Military

• Active or Retired Law Enforcement

• Active or Retired Fire Department

Thank You For Serving!

This song is a tribute to the men and women of the military, fire and police departments that gave the ultimate sacrifice, have served in the past and the ones that are currently serving to provide the freedoms and security we enjoy in this country.

Click HERE to read a tribute to one of our local fallen Heroes, “Nope, What I Saw Was Americans.” 

This video shares a few clips of the song. It was inspired in September 2011 as we attended an outdoor concert with friends, one of them being a veteran. I thanked him for his service because not every country could be doing what we were doing without fear for our safety. I give credit to our law enforcement and fire departments for this peace of mind also.

The next day at church, I was again overwhelmed with gratitude for being able to worship freely. Not every country can do that.

Then I looked in the mirror. People died for the freedom and peace of mind that we enjoy and sometimes take for granted in this country. Many go to work every day and never know what they will face that may put their life in jeopardy. Most of us have NEVER had that type of assignment. I then asked myself this question; “Am I proud of what I’ve done with what they died for?” That, was the inspiration for the song.

Thank You For Serving!

I was honored to be invited to share my song “With What They Died For” on KATV’s Veteran’s Day program on 11-11-11.

Immediately after appearing on Good Morning Arkansas, a fan of the song contacted me. She had lost her uncle in the Korean War and was on a mission. She ordered 550 individual CD’s of the song. She mailed one to all 535 members of Congress asking them the question in the song; “Are you proud of what you’ve done with what they died for?” This was in December 2011. As of May 2012, she has received one response, a congressman from Texas.

We are no longer selling the CD’s. We make the song available as a free download prior to each Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day.

With What They Died For? Right Click to download the song


Note: The second time I played this song in public, a lady stood up and thanked me for honoring her son. She was “the mother” in the song. Her son had left after high school to serve his country and didn’t come home. After that, I vowed to share this song with as many people as opportunities allow.- Greg Gilbert

These are some of my favorite videos. Thanks to the people that have created these.

This was played at a rodeo where I shared “With What They Died For.”

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