The Average American Has NO Financial Margin.
We Are Battling Average!™

At Margin Financial, we increase the Financial Margin of Families and Insurance Consultants.

We accomplish this by teaching a High Income Skill to future insurance consultants wanting a change in their income. We also have a discounted licensing program.

We also have a world class culture, lead generation and training system for current insurance consultants frustrated by “No Margin” and lack of income.

These High Income Skills are used to increase the financial margin of our huge data base of customers (currently over 150,000) wanting more information on Mortgage Protection, Final Expense, and annuities.

These customers with a problem are introduced to one of 16 major insurance carriers with a solution. Our consultants are paid an Unaverage income for this process.

“Most people had rather survive traditionally than thrive non-traditionally. We have a system that removes every income excuse you have ever used or heard. ALL THAT MATTERS IS WHAT YOU DO! It’s that simple.” – Greg Gilbert

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Welcome to Margin Financial Group.

78% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck.

Every week, day and hour they work is to pay a bill.

They have NO Margin.

1. What is your Financial Margin?

2. Are you satisfied with your Financial Margin?

Note: The average American will answer No to Number 2 and do absolutely nothing to change their situation. That’s why we are looking for Unaverage Americans. ALL THAT MATTERS IS WHAT YOU DO!

More than likely, much of our lives will be spent working xx hours a week for xx years. Life is too short to not be happy, but life IS long enough to learn a High Income Skill and do well. Margin Financial can help with both but ALL THAT MATTERS IS WHAT YOU DO!

Wealthy people become wealthy by increasing their income much more than their expenses. They increase their Margin.

What is possible as an insurance consultant with us? – (Information from recent conference calls)

1. One consultant that has been with us five years made 180k last year and is on track for over 350k in 2018.

2. In March, 2018, 17 consultants produced over 40k business. Over 120 consultants produced over 10k business that month.

3. In March, 2018, a three year consultant deposited 31k into his account. He made 200k last year and with improved skills is on track for 300k this year.

4. Last year, a consultant was scheduled to close on their dream home. Two weeks prior to closing, he was notified of an error and needed an additional $9,000 at closing. He consulted with his mentor in the business, made a plan, and earned $10,000 in 12 days.

5. Different income levels from 2017 were honored on stage at a conference in January 2018. The income levels were 100k-150k, 150k-250k, 250k-500k, 500k-1 million, Million Plus. Numerous consultants were recognized. New consultants stepped on stage. This type of recognition does not occur where only a select few make money OR where no money is made.

I could give more examples but more does not change the fact that ALL THAT MATTERS IS WHAT YOU DO! These incomes are Unaverage so they are not produced by average people with average income skills, drive, discipline or commitment.

However, many people CAN learn this High Income Skill and make more money quicker which reduces the number of part time hours necessary to supplement your income.

ALL THAT MATTERS IS WHAT YOU DO! NOT, who you know, the color of your skin, gender or age. Our business is non-discriminatory.

I brought no insurance skills and have been extremely satisfied with my ROI.

It’s not all about money. My definition of wealth is having the discretionary time AND money to make big memories with my family. Paycheck to paycheck does not and will not accomplish this.

Greg Gilbert 
Margin Financial Group 

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